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Emily attwood & RAAR! films bring you a new Black Comedy Murder Mystery Horror film starring Katherine Rodden as... everyone.


When guests arrive at a mysterious dinner party in Devon, they slowly start to drop like flies. What's on the menu? Just enough death and blood to make you gag but not actually sick, sprinkled with a generous amount of laughter and a twist of evil genius.


Who's invited?

Expected guests at Nurseries House include twins Nina and Anna all the way from America, young Hugo, a fine Eton graduate; Cyril, an old boy with many stories that may never be heard again, the sweet and ever so conscientious Agata and the inimitable Rose Duboir.

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Always with a camera or two in her hands Emily is obsessed with film and photography. Although professionally trained in both of these, she believes the best way to learn is hands on and from learning from others, whilst also experimenting creatively. Only the technical side of film can be learnt. The 'creative' side is what's already inside you. She believes film is a good balance between the two. She has won four awards (Best Film and Best Director among them at The Adders Youth Film Festival) and has been shortlisted for best short at Renderyard Film Festival 2010 for her film The Circle starring Katherine Rodden. She has worked on a couple of feature films before but this is her debut as director and DoP.

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Katherine trained at The Oxford School

of drama and has worked as an actress in theatre, film, tv, radio, videogames & audiobooks. She's much more comfortable talking about the characters she plays than herself. For more information about her,

visit www.katherinerodden.co.uk

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